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Who we are

Kingsbrook Community Church is a group of people living in and around Kingsbrook who are learning to follow Jesus with their lives. We want to play our part in seeing Kingsbrook continue to grow and flourish; and show, tell and experience the sacrificial love demonstrated in the life of Jesus.

Our Story

KCC is part of the Broughton Family of Churches and the Church of England. In 2017, James was appointed as vicar of Kingsbrook, working with Broughton Church as the new community continues to develop and grow. 

KCC Gatherings

Being church in the middle of the Covid-19 lock down looks a little different to what you’re expecting when you think of church.

We’re exploring some online platforms to help us connect when we can’t do it in person. And that makes it a great time to see who we are and what we’re about.

Meet the vicar...

James Talbot

I’m the vicar for Kingsbrook and head up Kingsbrook Community Church. Previously I’ve worked as an Army officer, a climbing instructor and teaching assistant. But a nagging feeling wouldn’t go away and in 2011, I started training to be a vicar and honestly can’t imagine doing anything else now.

Since having children my interests have changed from playing team sports to watching them and I’ve discovered caffeinated drinks in a big way. My family and I have been living in Kingsbrook since 2017.

Our Values

Everyone brings something to the table

We believe that each person is made in the image of God, and so has inherent value, worth and something to offer.

Kettle's always on

Food and hospitality are important to us so we're going to choose to be open to interruption for the sake of relationship.

Call out the Gold

We are going to choose to seek the image of God, the gifts and the talents in people and with his guidance, call them out and give them space to grow.

Show Love First

Jesus said the way people will know we are his followers is found in how we love each other. So we are choosing to make love our default position.

I will look you in the eyes and introduce you to jesus

Jesus transforms lives. So we are choosing to own our responsibility for introducing people to him through relationships over events.